Why we are not your average nail salon.

Certification & Sanitation


Your health and safety are our primary concerns at Soak & Polish Nail Bar. Our equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized in compliance with the GEORGIA STATE BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY AND BARBERS.



Files, buffers and pumices are single use only, and are offered to you at the end of your treatment to take home.

Quality over Quantity


All of our products we select are top notch professional grade, and we strive to be environmentally friendly and use brand name certified non-toxic products wherever possible. We do not use the lowest cost generic chemical lotions seen in use at many nail salons.

Fall & Winter Deals


All fall and winter long we are taking the chill out of your mani-pedi experience. We are offering a deluxe mani-pedi service for $60

Special features!


  •  Custom leather banquet and glossy penny porcelain back-splash
  • Microbial Quartz Sinks
  • Quartz Nail Bar
  • Complimentary bottled water or wine
  • Complimentary candy snacks
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Relaxing spa music
  • Serene aesthetic treatment room
  • Large screen TVs (with captions)
  • Easy-in, easy-out free parking



We strive to provide a wide selection of the best name brand products for our customers, including:

  • CND Acrylic Powder
  • OPI Acrylic powder
  • OPI Gel
  • OPI Polish
  • DND Gel
  • LECHAT Polish
  • Essie Polish
  • Color Club
  • Perfect Match